MAIDA  supports the growth of Indigenous artists and preservation of their homelands through sustainable business practices. 

We believe in a profit sharing business model of which 50% of the final price goes to the artist who made it.

MAIDA engages in fair trade buying and uses only non toxic materials.

MAIDA donates when able to various Native run organizations including San Juan Citizens Alliance, Native Womens Wilderness, and Utah Diné Bikéyah, and Pueblo Action Alliance.


MAIDA began with a vision in the Mojave desert...of a concept store featuring Indigenous art and Indigenous artists from the American Southwest.

Inspired from the land and family in which the founder Megan Branch came, of Pueblo and Mestiza descent, her family has been in the Southwest since time immemorial. 

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico but sold online, at SOTE in Santa Fe, and at trunk shows throughout the southwest, New York, and Los Angeles - MAIDA seeks to showcase exclusive hand-crafted collaborations with Indigenous artists.

Collections reflect the rituals and cultures of their origin, as well as provide functional use in every day lives.