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Above all MAIDA values traditional artists from ancient lands... dedicated to discovering artists and preserving heritage. MAIDA collaborates with Indigenous and Mestizx artists, creating one of a kind, hand made pieces.

Gino Antonio —


Window Rock, AZ. tufa cast

All of MAIDA’S sterling silver pieces are made in collaboration Gino Antonio. Gino has inherited two gorgeous practices from his grandfather, silver smithing and horse healing.

Gino blesses each piece with the prayers of that lineage, which you can sense in the strength and power of each piece. When Gino’s not silver smithing, he’s performing horse blessing ceremonies in the traditional Navajo way.

Camilla Trujillo —


Española, NM., clay, stone polished or non toxic glaze

Camilla Trujillo has been studying traditional regional pottery techniques for over 25 years.

All of Camilla’s designs are based on found pottery from archeological digs in Eastern New Mexico.

Now reproduced in Española, the designs exemplify the mixed ancestry that is the southwest, a combination of Tewa tradition and Spanish Franciscan, dating back to the missions of the 1600’s.

Because modern kilns were not yet in New Mexico, pieces were pit fired and given a stone polish finish with no glaze.

MAIDA in collaboration with Camilla has developed a clear glaze that maintains the aesthetic of each piece while making the pieces food safe for every day, lifetime use.

Atsasta Antonio


Window Rock, AZ. steel, rebar, copper, lava rock

Atsasta Antonio, son to another MAIDA artist Gino Antonio, is primarily a knife maker. Additionally, he makes Naja Pendant necklaces with steel, copper, and lava rock.

Like his father, Atsasta’s pieces carry the strength and power of the artist and his ancestors.

Check out S5 of Forged in Fire on A&E to see Atsasta as a contestant.